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The End of Wisdom: For Those Who Want to Be Wise, Not in Their Own Eyes

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This book was born out of a simple yet profound Scriptural truth which begs an unanswered—even unasked—question: If the fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom, then what is its end? This very question marks the very first words of this book and is the start of what is described as being not as much an exposition of Scripture as much as it is an extrapolation from it, in which Caleb Reichardt takes you on a journey through the Christian life using wisdom as the compass. And what looks to be a book solely about wisdom on its surface, becomes more and more a book about Christ the deeper one digs.

The “end” in The End of Wisdom is not about a stoppage of any sort where wisdom dies but, rather, a culmination where wisdom lives in its most lively state—where wisdom becomes most wise. Reichardt, here, cuts through the abundant nonsense, empty platitudes, and conventional musings of the world and gets straight to the heart of what it means to be wise, all while weaving this into the gospel in a fresh and powerful way.


Author’s Note


I. Tilling the Soil

II. Wisdom’s Prerequisite

III. The Garden of Wisdom

IV. Wisdom’s Prerequisite, Continued

V. Wisdom’s Beginning

VI. The Wisdom of the Garden

VII. Wisdom’s End

Acknowledgments and Thanks

A Humble Request


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Pages: 145

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm

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One of the things I wanted to do when publishing this book was not only to provide a timeless read but also a beautiful book which you could hold in your hand for years to come, a book which would look equally as good sitting out on your coffee table as it would tucked away on your bookshelf. The hardcover edition of this book, printed by Lulu Press, is my attempt at providing you with something extra special. Unique to this edition only, it includes a dust jacket with an arrangement of wisdom-related Scripture quotations on the inside flaps for further meditation. Under the jacket, the cover board is wrapped in a gray, cotton-poly blend with a protective acrylic coating. In addition, the spine is foil-stamped with gold text.

Nevertheless, the paperback edition from Amazon remains a great, affordable option and, while differing outwardly from the hardcover in terms of its construction, is exactly the same on the inside in terms of its content and layout.

Lastly, the Kindle edition is great for those who prefer e-reading and can be read on any device by simply downloading the Kindle app. And if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read the book for free!

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“There were many things I enjoyed about this book. Hearty portions of scripture, connections to reality, constant references to scripture, encouragement, common sense, nuggets of truth sprinkled throughout, conversational and easy to read (and set down, pick up, set down and pick up again when inevitable interruptions to reading took place!). But the thing that made this piece of work the most wonderful and enjoyable was the evident humility behind it all. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a thoughtful and intentional read that will undoubtedly teach you something new while also reminding you of simple, Godly truths we've always known.” — Anne E. (taken from

“The author pulled me in immediately at the beginning by using an analogy of a garden. He kept me engaged with the abundance of scripture readings throughout. The book gives us a beautiful picture of who God is and his love for us. It made me pause and reflect. I feel both new and life long Christians would be spiritually enriched by the simple truths that keep pointing us back to Christ in this inspirational book.” — Trisha K. (taken from

“Enjoyed the common sense and thoughtful message. Easy to read and understand.” — Steve R. (taken from

“I found this writer's style so attractive. He deliberately brings hard Biblical truths out one by one and explains them. In doing so, the reader feels God is not 'out to get you'...but instead 'out to find you'. I really found the chapter on 'evil' and its beginnings helpful. A great read!” — Lisa R. (taken from

“This was a very insightful easy to read book. It inspired me to look deeper into Christianity and the love of God. The author kept me engaged throughout the entirety of the book and helped me solidify my beliefs.” — Jenny W. (taken from

Hardcover ($29.99) (

Paperback ($14.99) (

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